Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Round table: Social Media x Our Generation: Branding

Social Media x Our Generation: 

Social Media plays such a big role in our society, especially in our generation. Now a days everything is instant. In 140 characters or by using a photo, you can tell people how you feel, where you are or show them what you are doing. It's insane that everyone who is your "Facebook friend" can see where you ate dinner last night, how you felt about a bad day or what you're doing this very second. And what's even more insane? How dependent we are on social media. We have such a hunger and need to inform those who follow us with all this information and yet, many of us don't even think about the "brand" we are creating for ourselves. That's right, you're creating a brand for yourself every single time you type into that Facebook status box or tweet 140 characters. So, what does your brand say about yourself? Think about it and I'll come back to that.

When we are using social media to express ourselves and show other individuals how we live, we are essentially branding ourselves. How we represent ourselves on social media is "our brand." I've come to learn how to brand myself (the professional way and the personal way), very carefully. It is important that we as a society are aware of this.

So how do we go about ensuring that we are creating a good "brand" for ourselves??!!

Aside from making sure you are only putting out on social media forums what you want others to see; although there is a delete button, you never can delete what you have already put out there on the internet. You need also make sure that you are aware of your audience. Who are all your "Facebook friends?" How much of you life do you want to have online? Also keep in mind that what you try to communicate over the internet via your social media forums may be perceived differently.

So next time you want to update your status, tweet a picture or check in on Facebook, think about what you are putting out there for other people to see and make sure it's the "brand" you want to create for yourself.

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Priyanka De'Golder
RECE / Sociologist

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